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Up your bowling game

If there’s one thing our manager Mil knows inside out it’s bowling, well that’s as well as cinema and arcades, honestly you wouldn’t believe this man’s CV! Anyway, here are his top five tips to help you up your bowling game.

1. Aim for the pocket

If you’re after strikes, angle the ball to hit the pocket, no we’re not talking like in snooker, but in bowling the pocket is the front and second pin which is either to its immediate right or left, which you aim for depends on which hand you bowl with.

Aim for the pocket

Bowling balls

2. Choose a lighter ball

There’s no need to go all Hulk on us, you want to get the pins to hit each other to get strikes rather than sending them flying up in the air. The heavier the ball the more they fly there’s no shame in keeping it light.

3. Nail the approach

Most pros go for a four-step approach to the line while making sure they’re walking straight and keeping an eye on the arrows on the lane to help them aim. That said if a Fred Flinstone-esque approach works for you, then you do you.

4. Curve it around

You don’t want to throw the ball straight and central, especially if you’re aiming to hit the lucky pocket, instead if you’re right-handed rotate your hand to a 10 o’clock position as you release the ball for left-handers rotate to 2 o’clock.

Curve it around

5. Celebrate like a pro

Do it like Jesus does in the Big Lebowski and we’ll have the music ready on standby. If you want to go all out, we’re sure a few of our team could be around to say how amazing you are - for a fee of course.

Now there you have it, hit the lanes and blow you friends’ minds, we’ll be watching.

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